Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins

If you are a new business trying to sell a product, you know how hard it can be to get sales. One way to increase those sales is buy adding testimonials to your site, which are scientifically proven to work. A recent study by Cambridge University showed that customers are 58% more likely to buy from a site that has reviews (testimonials). It makes perfect sense, people need to know that they can trust your site so they don’t lose their hard-earned money. Testimonials of real people sharing why they liked your product or site is a sure way to increase your sales, in this post I will be sharing the best WordPress testimonial plugins (free and paid).

But before we get into that, I want to share a few tips to make your testimonials even better which will hopefully get you a lot more sales. First tip is to never use fake testimonials, I know it can be tempting to throw in a fake one just to get it done. I mean, who will know? That’s not the point, point is to get people trust, not lose it. Use real people that have actually bought and tried your products or services. Second thing is to use photos/videos, this goes along with the first tip, if you have a photo or video of a person saying why your product is awesome, it is much more believable than just your adding some text to your site, using a video is even better. I usually offer free review copies for my services in exchange for an honest video testimonial. The third and final tip is to put your testimonials in the right place, where your potential customers will actually see them. Show testimonials on the homepage, on product pages and by the pricing but remember not to spam your homepage with testimonials.

Is your WordPress site slow? Here is how you can speed it up!

Here are the best WordPress testimonial plugins.

WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer reviews is the most popular free testimonial plugin in the WordPress repository, it has more than 50,000 downloads and a rating of 4.3/5. The awesome thing about this plugin is that it comes with a form to collect testimonials from your customers, which then can be displayed anywhere on your site. This is a solid plugin if you are looking for a free testimonial plugin to collect and display your reviews.

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Testimonial Rotator

Testimonial Rotator is another popular plugin with a 4.5/5 rating. Easily add testimonials and display them in the sidebar or on pages/posts, and did I mention, the testimonials can also rotate! This plugin comes with a paid version which has even more features.

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Testimonial Showcase

Testimonials Showcase is a premium plugin with an amazing rating of 4.9/5, if you really want to make your testimonials look good, then this is the plugin to get. This plugin comes with some awesome features that its free counterparts don’t have, at only $16, this plugin is worth every penny. I have been using this plugin for a couple years now and I highly recommend it.

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How to speed up your WordPress site?

Let’s face it, no one likes a slow site. Think about it, how many times have you left a website because it was taking too long to load? Well you aren’t the only one to do that, according to a recent study, if you site takes 8 seconds or more to load, you could be losing up to 23% of your traffic. It’s not just people that don’t like slow sites, Google also doesn’t like them, if your site takes a long time to load, don’t expect your search engine rankings to increase because site speed is now a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. You might be thinking it will be really hard to increase the speed of your site but it is actually quite easy to do, here are a few ways to increase your WordPress site speed.


Choosing the right hosting is the most important step when setting up a new site, it is tempting to go for the cheapest shared hosting package but it is definitely not worth it because most shared hostings are extremely slow. For WordPress site, we recommend choosing a host that specializes in WordPress hosting, SiteGround and InMotion are great WordPress hosts. All of my WordPress blogs are hosted on SiteGround and the sites are extremely fast, I will never go back to shared hosting again.


Don’t buy themes with tons of features that you are never going to use because they will only slow down your site, use themes like Divi and Xtheme, each one costs around $60 but are worth every penny.

Caching Plugins

If your site has a lot of static content on your website, using a caching plugin can greatly reduce your site load time. There are a few good caching plugins but I mostly use W3 Total Cache, if used properly it can really speed up your site.

Minify code

Removing all the blank spaces from your code is an easy way to drop a few seconds and don’t start manually deleting blank spaces, that will take you hours and hours. You guessed it, there is a plugin for that and that plugin is called WP Minifiy.

Optimize Images

Think about it, what is taking up the most space on your website? Images! If your images are not optimized they will take forever to load. Best part is that with a plugin like WP Smush it, you can optimize all of your images with a single click. You will notice a huge increase in site loading time after optimizing your images.

Optimize Database

Optimizing a database is not an easy task, especially for someone who has no clue where to begin. Luckily, there are plugins that will instantly optimize your database which will in return increase your site speed. I recommend WP-DB Manager, with this plugin you can also schedule a time for when you want your database optimized, I recommend optimizing every 30 days for larger sites.

There are a few ways to speed up your WordPress site, make sure to check back for a part 2, where we will share even more ways to decrease your site loading time.

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